A smashing day at Malpas Fair 2015

Our shred trucks normally attend community events such as police open days to help protect the public from identity fraud.

Members of the public are encouraged to bring their old personal documents such as bank statement, receipts and utility bills to have then securely destroyed in a shred truck. This shredding and recycling service is free but any donations to the organisaers’ charities are gratefully received. The Malpas Fair was different…read on…

For the Malpas Fair 2015 Topwood organised a plate smashing competition. A makeshift wardrobe was decorated with defective plates, cups, teapots and even gravey boats! A large part of Topwood’s business is the destruction of QA rejected stock but this was our first attempt at destroying crockery!

A total of 250 peices of china were smashed by competitors who each had three shots with wooden balls. Those who could score a hat-trick won a prize – a mug!

Tom Gilruth (Director) commented:

“the strike rate of thirty per cent was higher than expected but in our business only a total destruction service is acceptable! It was not a very efficient destruction process – if we were doing this commercially we would need to make improvements!”

It was a temendous day and and raised for £250 for charity.

The whole day was terrific fun and a huge thank you to all who supported.