Back on the Road

In the TV series Back to the Floor the boss from some of the UK’s biggest firms went out to do the work that hundreds of their employees do everyday. Tom Gilruth (MD Topwood Ltd) has just completed a week with one of Topwood’s mobile shredding crews. The TV series was entertainment but going back ‘to the coal face’ is a serious way for business owners to view their business. read on to to find out why.

The on-site destruction service sector is extremely competitive business. Five days of on-site shredding at 40+ customer locations gave Tom excellent feedback. Tom is now back in the office considering changes to improve customer service levels and Topwood’s operating efficiency.

Demonstrating to customers the hardrive shredder fitted inside Topwood’s new high security shred truck was a highpoint of the week. Customers like the fact that whilst shredding documents and files on-site, Topwood can now also destroy hard drives and other electronic media simultaneously in the same visit. The next step is launching a new range of lockable containers (also called receptacles) so customers can safely deposit unwanted hardrives, CDs, tapes and USBs.

These containers provide the secure chain of custody required under the under data protection regs (GDPR is due to come in effect May-18). Customers liked the electronic chain of custody that provides e-receipts (Waste Transfer Notes) for collections with links to download Certificates of Destruction. Tom will change the SIM cards in the drivers mobile devices to speed up the transmission of e-receipts. Continuous improvement helps Topwood win business when up against the big corporate nationals like Shred-It and Restore plc (who have recently purchased PHS Datashred). The winning philosophy at Topwood is to improve every aspect of its service every day which gives a superior customer experience. Going back on the road is a vital tool to improve competitive advantage.

The New On-Site Hard Drive Destruction Process