How Will Electronic Document Management Improve Efficiency?

If your company suffers from poor record management, a move to online filing makes managing your files in our storage system easy. With a secure login you can search for, edit, make requests and recall files. It also allows you to approve the destruction of files, simply by clicking your mouse. Managing files online keeps errors to a minimum and the reduced admin allows staff more time to focus on customers. Read on to find out more.

What is an electronic document management system?

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a system that is used to store, track, and manage documents and files. Electronic Data Management (EDM) enables complete transparency of the data you store and location of personal information which is vital for compliance with the new GDPR regulations. EDM is very rarely available with self-store units or archive rooms. Topwood’s document storage offers indexing and cataloguing of documents at file level and box level, using a unique barcoding system. This makes retrievals and deliveries of files available for next day delivery with ease.

What does an electronic management system do?

An electronic management system allows full transparency of data. At Topwood, customers can enter new files and boxes onto the system creating a full inventory. These files and boxes can then be stored in Topwood’s dedicated document storage facility. Topwood customers can index their own files and boxes or a member of Topwood’s security vetted staff can do this. Our systems also allow a ‘quick search’ option for boxes and files. It can allow recalling of files to be delivered to your address in our GPS tracked vans, alternatively you can opt for a scan on demand service which allows you to have an electronic copy of your file to be with you within 30 minutes of requesting it. The EDMS also allows you to order other materials such as archive boxes and request the destruction of documents that have past their retention period.

Four steps to improve efficiency using an electronic document system?

Indexing: Customers can index their own boxes or a member of Topwood’s security vetted staff can do this. Indexing consists of using a unique barcode for each file or box depending on how you want your documents to be processed. Accurate cataloguing and indexing of records is essential when they are archived. This is so they can be picked and delivered to your desk when they are recalled. Archiving and indexing files & documents can be a time consuming process which can pull people away from tasks that are more profitable for your company. If your files already have file reference numbers, we will use your numbers and codes as the primary reference. This means that everything will remain familiar when searching for and requesting files.

Online Archiving: Our archiving software offers an online portal allowing our customers immediate access to their documents. Our system enables you to see for yourself which of your documents are currently stored in our facility and also allows you to request retrievals, arrange collections, order archiving supplies, or check the status of outstanding requests.

Collections & Retrievals: Topwood has its own fleet of GPS tracked vehicles and our drivers are fully trained and security vetted. We can collect and deliver with the minimum of fuss and our speedy and friendly approach is what makes us shine amongst the competition. At the point of collection all boxes and files are barcoded and scanned to our system using PDAs.

Document Retention: Topwood can assist you when you need to destroy or shred documents that you no longer need. Most businesses still have masses of paper documents that need to be disposed of safely and securely and a confidential shredding service is usually the best option. We offer the option for both on-site and off-site shredding. A Certificate of Destruction is available for download upon completion of each batch. If you want to check items before they are destroyed you can use our offices to do so. Files you approve for shredding go onto a conveyor belt which tips them directly into the shredder. We don’t destroy anything without your final approval.

With the pre-agreed authority levels, web-users can approve items for destruction online. By editing the destroy date for items / files you can make sure that items are not retained any longer than required. Alternatively, you can email us and tell us which items are due for destruction. As items reach their destroy dates our software makes detailed reports and you will be notified.

Benefits of Electronic Document Management

  • 24/7 access – query and search for files and documents any time from any office
  • Real time status tracking – instant location of files and the progression of requests
  • Levels of Authority – permissions ensure access is restricted to authorised personnel
  • Audit trails – to track file status and request history
  • Multi site/ users – whole businesses can access the database
  • Easy reporting – simple reports ensure cost control and files are managed according to protocols.