MoD ‘searched court bins’ at SAS selection deaths inquest

The inquest into the deaths of 3 SAS reservists has been in the news over the last week. Today, the BBC reported that the MoD have searched bins at the inquest. We recommend some articles from our Download centre to ensure safe and secure document disposal in reaction to this news.

The BBC reported

“The MoD has been going through confidential waste bins in the building,” said Keith Turner QC – representing Cpl Dunsby’s widow, Bryher Dunsby.

“Jonathan Hall QC, for the MoD, accepted his clients had searched waste bins and agreed it was “unacceptable”.

“It had to do with the security arrangement – we’re dealing with documents at a very high classification… it was in order to secure those documents… but it was done in a way that was not correct.”

This breaking news highlights the importance of having safe and secure confidential document disposal policies in place.

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