Paper To Data Blog

Whatever device you are using read this blog on it is preferable to a sheet of paper. Nowadays, we are accustomed to accessing content digitally.

The conversion to paperless working increases operating efficiencies by lowering costs and enhancing information management, as well as improving sustainability.

So, if going paper-free is good for business what could happen by not adapting to the new ways of working? In short, competitive advantage will slip away.

Despite the many benefits of moving to electronic filing many business managers do not know where to start and this creates an inertia to change. Throughout our ‘paper to data‘ blog series we will share provide practical advice to help our readers overcome the challenges of digital transformation.

Whilst the concept of extracting wasteful business practices, through ‘lean business management’, has been around for years the truth is paper based processing is a source of waste. To thrive beyond the next few months every business needs to be as lean as possible and our blog will be a source of help to cut out waste in your business.

Tom Gilruth