Planting trees for the future

Did you know that we plant at least 100 trees a year to give back to the environment? Read the full story here.

As a shredding company, we see first-hand the sheer volume of paper that gets securely destroyed every month, although this also doesn’t account for those who simply throw it away, and do not bother recycling.

Although the UK’s woodland area spans 3.17 million hectares, this sadly only accounts 13% of the country’s total land mass. These figures, along with a continued demand for paper have alarmed professionals and sparked a concern of deforestation. So here at Topwood, we want to do our share to help the environment. So as well as taking care to recycle left over shreds into useful paper products, we also launched initiative that sees us plant at least 100 trees a year.

So why is recycling and planting trees so important? Considering the impact that paper has on our everyday lives – from our newspapers to our office documentation and even wrapping paper (83 square kilometres used each festive season to be precise!), it’s no wonder that the UK uses a forest the size of Wales in paper each year. The renewable and biodegradable resource needs to not only be recycled but also replaced. To help support the need for paper, seven thousand hectares of woodland has been created and seventeen thousand hectares were restocked in the last year. The good news is, the country’s recycling efforts have increased significantly; with enough paper recycled annually to save 34,700 trees, which works out as equivalent to the size of 35 football pitches. These efforts have meant that paper has become the UK’s most successfully recycled material. Whilst all these stats are good news, experts are still concerned that we are using paper at a faster rate than we are replacing it.

So it’s vital to remember that almost any type of paper can be recycled, so let’s all do our bit to help keep the UK looking green! Here at Topwood, we can help businesses and individuals not only destroy their data safely and securely, but also in an environmentally friendly manner – we take care of the recycling for you. In the meantime, we’ll continue to play our part by planting as many trees as possible as well as recycling our own paper waste, so that we can look forward to a brighter, greener future.