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Topwood Ltd is committed to the continual improvement of information security across the business. The main purpose of our information security policy therefore will be to protect the Company’s information assets1 and those of its customers from foreseeable threats – internal, external, deliberate or accidental.

This policy statement has been approved by the Company Directors. It is the policy of Topwood Ltd that:

The Managing Director of Topwood Ltd, or an appointee thereof, will have direct responsibility for maintaining the policy and providing or seeking appropriate advice and guidance in respect of its implementation.

On a day to day basis, this has been delegated, with the full support and commitment of other employees and compliance representatives – in addition to key contractors for IT and telecoms.

Line managers will be directly responsible for the implementation of the overarching policy within their departments, plus other sub-policies or procedures required for ISO 27001 and for ensuring the adherence of staff in that department. However, each employee will be responsible for adherence to the Company Information Security Policy and will be held accountable as such, subject to appropriate training (awareness or otherwise).

Our Privacy Policy is available here.

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