Quality Standard ISO 9001 and What It Means For You

We’re breaking down Quality Standard ISO9001 in our recent blog…

The words ‘quality standard ISO 9001’ may look like a horrendous reminder of high school algebraic maths lessons that made little sense to the majority of us, but in the world of business, the intricate mix of seemingly meaningless letters and numbers is vital. Believe it or not, the four word combination is a way for companies to showcase their reputation, accreditation and quality of their business, all whilst continually bettering their service.

Covering all aspects of an organisation, including, facilities, people, training, services and equipment, the certification means that specified requirements have been met within each of these areas – it essentially acts as a giant tick list! Whilst for businesses it means that the company is operating legally and efficiently, customers may feel confused as to what it means (we don’t blame you!). You may find that you don’t even notice the accreditation, or simply, you don’t understand it’s implication on the business or how that affects you; a valued customer.

Here at Topwood, we think it’s important that every business understands the importance of a quality standard ISO 9001 certification, and that every customer understands it’s meaning in order to get the most out of the services they are using. So gone are the days of complicated algebraic maths, because we’re here to help explain the meaning behind ISO 9001!

With over one million companies in 170 countries certified as ISO 9001, it’s safe to say that it is a valued accreditation. The standard has been created based upon a number of principles that aim to manage quality by concentrating on; strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of management, the process approach and continual improvement. The overall aim is to ensure that customers benefit from the service, through a well-delivered service and quality products, which, if achieved, can also positively affect business profit. It’s not a one off qualification, but a continual process, that requires consistent improvement. To become the proud owner of the certification, the requirements must be proved to have been met and applied, with an overall proven benefit to the customers. When it comes to achieving the accreditation, there’s no room for excuses either – the certification is not limited to companies of a certain size or industry – so what are you waiting for?!

Businesses that are confident that they are meeting the Quality Management System requirements need to make contact with the ISO 9001 Certification Body to get the ball rolling. But what does ISO 9001 mean for customers? Continuous improvement is beneficial to customers as it provides a service which consistently meets their requirements and delivers a high performance consistently.

Overall, this will increase customer satisfaction with the company, which should, in turn, increase customer retention and encourage repeat purchasing, as well as customer recommendations if you’re lucky! With all this in mind, we wanted to share how we are working to retain our ISO 9001 status at Topwood. Our membership with the leading industry association for data destruction (British Security Industry Association) requires us to have an ISO 9001 certificate. Through defining, delivering and measuring our service levels through a Quality Management System audited by a UKAS accredited body, we are continuously strategising how to improve our services. Part of this strategising includes plans to install PV cells to lower our carbon footprint, reach a zero landfill target of our own waste and trial an electric van – all over the next twelve months! With so much in store, we can’t wait to share these moments with all of our customers, so watch this space!