Our ability to innovate a secure shredding solution can be applied to any industry sector but using our expertise we devised a cost effective bespoke shredding service for a national retailer.

Above all the service had to be compliant with Data Protection laws and be cost effective.

Client – An Educational Body

Service(s) provided – Off-site security shredding

The Problem

A leading national retailer has 250+ stores. The stores generate sensitive paperwork such as HR Files, financial documents and other such commercially sensitive information which needs destroying securely. With so many stores it is important the company can be confident that sensitive paper waste from each store is being dealt with consistently and efficiently with minimum disruption to staff.

The Solution

Topwood Ltd takes responsibility for the destruction of all sensitive data from each store. All paperwork from each store is sealed into our polyprop sacks and loaded onto vehicles that deliver to the shops. The truck returns the sacks to the distribution centres who then forward them to Head Office. Each security seal around every polyprop bag has a unique number. The numbers on the tags allows for the sacks’ movement to be recorded on the clients’ intranet on their journey to Head Office. With a scheduled weekly collection we transfer the sacks to our secure shredding depot. The sack seal numbers are recorded on a Waste Transfer Note.

At the shredding facility the unbroken seal on each sack is shown to the CCTV. Only then are the seals broken as the contents are tipped into the shredder. The shredded paper is forwarded to a UK paper mill. A Certificate of Destruction details the seal numbers. CCTV images are kept of the sack seals being opened and the contents being shredded.

A Certificate of Destruction is made available to the client on a monthly basis. This closed chain of custody can also apply to wheelie bins and sealed crate boxes for almost any business in the retail, financial, legal, and manufacturing and public sectors. All off-site shredding is recorded on CCTV and copies retained by ourselves for a minimum 36 months.

Client’s Response

“We have full confidence that our store paperwork is being destroyed in a professional and proper manner. Prior to this we were shredding in-house but we could not keep up and it was becoming a Data compliance issue.”

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