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Guide to Archive Barcodes and References

Our barcodes create an efficient method to store your archive boxes, and they also allow us to retrieve your boxes as quickly as possible. Download our PDF for more information.

Shredding sacks: Poly Prop or Paper?

Topwood can supply you with two different types of shredding sacks to collect your confidential papers with. Both have their benefits, read on to find out more.

Guide to Preparing for Off-site Document Storage

Off-site Document Storage can offer many benefits including enhanced security, increased office space and improved efficiency when retrieving your files. Read on to find out about the key stages of organising your off-site storage with Topwood.

How exposed is your business to a data breach?

Every business is at risk of a data breach. Our PDF presents some questions that may help you consider whether you need professional assistance to implement security procedures for document management.

Security Culture: Identity Theft Facts and Prevention tips

Identity theft cases reached record levels in 2016 with young people a growing target, the fraud prevention organisation Cifas says. Identify fraud can have massive consequences for both individuals and businesses.

Certificate of Destruction Explained

The law requires proof of destruction of confidential paperwork. This can be in the form of a “Certificate of Destruction”. Our article explains what it is, why it is important, and how you obtain yours after your shredding service with us.

5 Step Process to securely destroy your data

Shredding Receptacles such as wheelie bins, consoles, sacks, and archive boxes are all collected from your business and the contents are shredded on-site. Our PDF downloads explain the process for each container.

Bulk or regular shredding service?

We can provide shredding on a one-off occasion, or we can collect and shred on a regular, scheduled visit. Read on for more information about the benefits of both.

HR Document Retention Guide Schedule [Human Resources]

This resource is specifically for Human Resource professionals and managers to be used as a guide to Document Retention and scheduling.

How long should I keep documents for?

Document Retention Guide: Most businesses are required by law to retain confidential client information, along with employee or company data, for a minimal amount of time.

Standards governing the secure destruction of documents and data

Shredding is the safest method of destroying documents but the level of security is determined by the technical specification of the shredder to produce the shred outcome.

Lockable containers that keep your office secure

Many businesses underestimate security gaps within their own offices. Bins ensure that when confidential papers are no longer required they can be safely deposited until they are securely shredded.

Guide to Waste Disposal Note Legislation

Any business that produces, handles or disposes of confidential waste is legally required to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation.

Create an Internet Security Culture for the Home and Workplace

With the growth of online shopping, social media, and email spam, it is important to create a Best-Practice Internet Safety Culture that staff can adapt for both the Workplace and at Home.

Secure regular shredding is the best option

Information security is not just a business priority – it is also a legal requirement. It is a fact 85% of data breaches are committed within an organisation. A professional shredding firm will help cut possible security breaches in your organisation.

Five Reasons to use a Regular Shredding Service

Organisations generate large amounts of paper that needs to be disposed of in a compliant & safe manner. Unwanted paperwork can be a threat to your business and takes up valuable space & time. Using a shredding company can eliminate this.

5 reasons why it makes sense to use off-site file storage

Many organisations use self storage facilities for storing their archiving. With GDPR due to come into effect in May-18 and constant pressure to deliver business efficiencies through lean processes it may be timely to examine whether self-storage still offers your business the best value for money compared to the offer of a professional records management firm like Topwood.

Sustainable environment and secure shredding

By choosing to work with a professional document destruction provider, organisations can improve their environmental records since high-quality providers include recycling in their services.

Recycling process and secure shredding

Download our info-graphic on Topwood’s Recycling Process. From paper in your office, to the shredder, then the recycling plant, we describe our recycling process in this easy to read poster.

Why use lockable shredding containers?

Locked shredding containers sited around the workplace ensure confidential documents can be easily and safely deposited denying opportunists their chance. Read on to find out more.

How do I implement a clear desk policy?

Operating a clear desk policy has several benefits. It is a good way to reduce the risk of a document security breach and also encourages better workflow and productivity.

Why a shred-all policy makes sense

A shred-all policy simplifies document disposal for everyone as employees no longer need to determine what is or is not confidential. It is a simple policy but when operated with other measures has a huge impact.

How off-site archive storage will lower your costs

Off-site file storage companies are generally based where land values are lower compared to offices locations. In addtion to lower costs, off-site archiving will free up valuable space and staff time for more productive activities.

What is the Data Protection Act?

Any organisation that retains personal data is a Data Controller and is bound by the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) – soon to be replaced by the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR). This legislation sets out in 7 principles how data can be fairly and lawfully used.

How to protect your business against fraud

News reports regularly feature information breaches. The number of breaches rises year on year and over £1mn in financial penalties have been handed out by the ICO during 2014.

Office Shredders Could Cost More than you Think

The purchase of an office shredder is not the only cost to consider. Many organisations fail to consider the total costs of using office shredders (or the costs when they fail to work)!

How secure is shredding & recycling paper?

Shredding paper is the most secure and sustainable way to dispose of documents and paperwork. Read on to find our PDF download and video.

A three-step guide on how to choose a professional document shredding firm

Here is feedback from customers who have switched from a national firm to Topwood. We aim to demonstrate that the service from a local shredding company betters the ‘one-size-fits-all’ service from national waste management companies.

Why are office shredders risky?

There are hidden reasons such as cost, time and health and safety issues, why the use of office shredders in your workplace could actually put your business at risk.

How secure is your paper recycling process?

There are many security gaps in traditional paper recycling that may result in data breaches, potentially putting your business reputation at risk. Find out where gaps in your recycling process may exist.

Waste hierarchy legislation explained

The law requires any business that handles waste to comply with EU Waste Directive 2008/98/EC. The waste hierarchy sets out the priorities for handling waste according to its environmental impact.

Are there security gaps lurking in your college

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply in the UK from 25 May 2018.

Why shred size does matter

Choose a shred size that suits. Topwood Shredding offers a choice of shred sizes depending on your industry’s requirements. We have a standard shred size and a high-security shred size.

Environmental benefits of shredding and recycling

Not only are we specialists in the secure destruction of confidential information but 100% of what we shred is recycled and is good for the environment.

Archive Boxes - securing your files

Confidential files need careful handling. Topwood archive boxes are designed to protect your documents, keeping them safe and secure. If you need to order some archive boxes please get in touch.

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