5 Step Process to securely destroy your data

Shredding Receptacles such as wheelie bins, consoles, sacks, and archive boxes are all collected from your business and the contents are shredded on-site. Our PDF downloads explain the process for each container.

What is the process for on-site shredding?

5 Step Process for On-site Shredding:

On-site shredding is the safest option as it keeps handling to a minimum before the sensitive information is destroyed at your premises whilst you watch.

Protecting your confidential business information with Topwood is safe, convenient and cost-effective. It’s also environmentally friendly – all shredded paper and hard drives are recycled.

5 Step process: Boxes

5 Step Process: Consoles

5 Step Process: Sacks

5 Step Process: Lockable Wheelie bins

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