Five Reasons to use a Regular Shredding Service

Organisations generate large amounts of paper that needs to be disposed of in a compliant & safe manner. Unwanted paperwork can be a threat to your business and takes up valuable space & time. Using a shredding company can eliminate this.
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1. The hidden costs of storing unwanted paperwork

Keeping paperwork consumes valuable workspace. To thrive every business needs to be as lean as possible which means cutting out waste and optimising the use of resources. Storing obsolete documents is a classic example of a business’s sub-optimisation of resources.

The same lean process principle can applied to staff time spent sorting and handling obsolete paperwork.

Large volumes of combustible material can be a fire hazard and increase the cost of insurance.

2. Shredding will reduce the risk of ID theft and data security breaches

Disposing of files and paperwork through general waste is not secure. All along the process there are risks of criminals accessing bins and stealing confidential information.

Under the Data Protection Act the ICO can impose penalties of up to £500k for such data breaches and there is huge costs to the individuals concerned as well damage to good reputations.

The safest and easiest way to protect against ID theft is to have files destroyed onsite by a professional shredding company like Topwood.

3. Help secure the workplace

An estimated 85% of data breaches occur internally in the workplace. To prevent these effective document management policies should require files and papers be secured at all times. When papers are no longer required they should be secured or destroyed.

Using office shredders means papers and files accumulate in the workplace and this provides the opportunist to take advantage. At Topwood, we will provide lockable containers so unwanted papers and files can be easily and safely deposited until they are shredded on-site. It also reduces fire risks and H&S incidents.

4. Ensure all paper is recycled

Document shredding companies will destroy documents so the information on them can never be recovered and then bale the paper so it can pulped and recycled into useful paper products. This ensures businesses are compliant with environmental legislation, such as the waste hierarchy regulations. In addition it helps fulfil CSR commitments and leads to a more sustainable environment.

5. Save time compared to in-house shredding

There are numerous problems with using office shredders. One of the main problems is they only take a few pages per pass and hence they become expensive on time. The shredding of documents becomes a background job and eventually papers and files accumulate in the workplace or are un-securely disposed of increasing the risk of a security breach.

Most office shredders only strip cut which is less secure than cross cut shredding.

Onsite shredding specialists will have high speed cross-cut shredding equipment which means documents can quickly be shredded so it is impossible for thieves to reconstruct documents.

Using a document shredding company like Topwood will ensure the safe and efficient destruction of confidential waste.

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