Guide to Waste Disposal Note Legislation

Any business that produces, handles or disposes of confidential waste is legally required to ensure it is managed correctly under Duty of Care legislation.

The disposal of confidential waste is governed by the Waste Regulations 2011 and the law requires:

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Waste Transfer Notes

Every load of non-hazardous business and commercial waste moved off your business premises must be accompanied by a Waste Transfer Note (WTN). These documents are a legal requirement and must:

Contains a brief description of the waste being transferred (A1) Have the correct EWC code for the confidential waste (A2) Detail amount of waste being transferred – for example the number of shred sacks List the name and address of the producer of the confidential waste (B1-B5) Detail the 2007 SIC for the producer (B6) State the name and address of the person collecting the waste – a registered waste carrier (C1-C4) Confirm the address of the place of transfer as well as the date and time (Section D) Have a tick box to confirm the waste hierarchy has been considered, and; Be signed by both parties (D4)

For repeated transfers, where the description of the waste and all circumstances remain the same a ‘season ticket’ can be used to cover all transfers i.e. one note can last up to 12 months.

It is illegal to collect, or have collected confidential waste without a valid WTN.

The tick box in line 8 requires producers of confidential waste (the transferor) to dispose of waste is as high up the hierarchy as possible.

Topwood guarantees you fulfil all your legal obligations when disposing of confidential waste. Our on-site shredding service with its 100% recycling rate of confidential papers ensures full compliance with both with data protection legislation and the waste regulations incorporating the waste hierarchy. For more details on the waste hierarchy click here.

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