How do I implement a clear desk policy?

Operating a clear desk policy has several benefits. It is a good way to reduce the risk of a document security breach and also encourages better workflow and productivity.

To communicate a clear desk policy we suggest staff use the three Ps:

PREPARE – keep the things you actively need for each day on your desk and plan what files and papers you need for the day. Ensure that all others are filed away in a secured unit.

PROTECT – when you leave your desk for meetings or for breaks take time for a quick check to see if there is sensitive information on your desk and file it or remove from your desk. It also makes sense to clear your screens and activate a password protected screen saver.

PICKUP – at the end of the day clear your desk of documents to protect your business and that of your clients. It is vital to file documents and lock away if necessary.

Remember: Drawers should be locked when not in use and keys stowed away securely. Keys for cabinets, store rooms and cupboards containing sensitive information should be tagged with identifiers that give not indication of the contents (i.e. ‘Cabinet 1’ rather than ‘high-risk offenders’).

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It is important staff know not to dispose of commercial paperwork in the general waste which is an unsecured waste-stream. The safest and most sustainable method to ensure the protection of confidential information is to place unwanted documents into a secure Topwood console before you leave for the day.

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