How secure is your paper recycling process?

There are many security gaps in traditional paper recycling that may result in data breaches, potentially putting your business reputation at risk. Find out where gaps in your recycling process may exist.
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Traditional office paper recycling schemes and in house collections start with users placing unwanted papers and files into waste paper collection bins. These bins are typically tipped into plastic bags by cleaning staff who put the bags into communal waste areas before they are finally taken to waste areas. Days or even weeks later the sacks are finally loaded into a bin truck or van and taken a recycling plant. Papers and files are sorted, graded and finally baled up before they are taken to the paper recycling mill. Eventually the papers are pulped and any sensitive information is lost.

This type of scheme is full of hazards. Unwanted papers and documents contain all sorts of information that can be used by criminals that will put your staff and business at risk. Collection bins in this type of recycling are unsecured and prying eyes can removed information from unsecured bins and polythene sacks. At all stages of the process personnel handling the information are not vetted and may be unreliable. At all stages in the process the information could be exposed.

Compare this with Topwood’s secure chain of custody. From the moment papers are no longer required users deposit them into locked containers and bins until they are collected by our security vetted staff. Once collected they are taken direct to a shred truck where they are destroyed before any one has a chance to come into contact with them. Tiny fragments fragments of cross cut paper are all mixed together until the shred truck is full. A full truck can contain over 750 million shreds before it is opened at the recycling plant.

Using a traditional paper recycling process or an in-house collections may be unsecure and could put your staff and organisation at risk. To see more details click the image to download our infographic.

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