Secure regular shredding is the best option

Information security is not just a business priority – it is also a legal requirement. It is a fact 85% of data breaches are committed within an organisation. A professional shredding firm will help cut possible security breaches in your organisation.

The Data Protection Act requires data controllers to keep ‘data secure at all times’.

The vast majority of data breaches occur within organisations and are caused by negligence. Staff who are unsure on how to handle sensitive information or do not know what is, and what is not sensitive can put a business at risk of a data breach.

Using lockable containers as part of a regular shredding service supplied by a professional shredding company like Topwood will reduce the chance of security breaches.

For example: HR records including, PAYE forms, bank details, driving licence information and medical records all need to be retained by employers for up to seven years from the moment the employment of an individual ceases. When the documents reach the end of the retention period they are effectively obsolete to the employer but they are invaluable to fraudsters. If this information falls into the wrong hands it can seriously damage a business’ reputation and cause harm to the individuals concerned. The Information Commissioner can impose penalties of up to £500k on organisations that fail to handle personal data properly.

Depending on your workplace environment Topwood can provide suitable lockable containers. Consoles and wheelie bins are the most popular as papers and files (with staples, clips, bindings etc.) can easily be safely deposited. Whilst sacks are popular due to their flexibility they are arguably less secure and not as convenient as consoles and bins.

Simple to use, lockable containers are the first link in a secured chain of custody.

They allow staff to easily and safely deposit unwanted information. The containers remind staff that all confidential information must be placed into the secured waste channel so there can be no mistakes or malice.

Security is maximised when shredding containers are used in conjunction with best practices like clear desk and shred-all policies. Prying eyes that view sensitive information left out on desks or in print rooms can be a PR disaster. The safe and easy disposal of documents is facilitated by the use of lockable containers. Likewise a shred-all policy means staff no longer need to determine what is, and what is not confidential. Everything goes into the secured waste stream.

Once deposited into the locked containers the papers remain away from prying eyes.

The second link in the chain of custody is trained and security vetted staff from a professional firm like Topwood transferring the contents to a mobile shred truck. The final stage is the on-site shredding of the documents to ensure the data contained on them can never fall into the wrong hands away from your business.

Whilst some organisations consider the purchase of an office shredder as their best protection from security breaches we identify in How office shredders can be risky that office shredders are not the safeguard many expect them to be. Time spent stripping files and removing staples, their slow speed and the unreliability of office shredders all deter users from actually shredding documents. The temptation is to say there is no time. Documents are therefore not destroyed, left unsecured in the workplace or storeroom and risks creep in.

There is, of course, a service charge associated with a secure regular shredding service but it is a small price compared to the damage a security breach could have on your business. Cost analysis demonstrates regular shredding is the most efficient and secure solution for the disposal of sensitive documents. Not only does it lower the chance of a security breach, it prevents the build-up of unwanted documents in the workplace and in storerooms. Keeping unwanted documents takes up valuable space and time whilst not adding any business value.

The supply of lockable consoles will close down the chances of an internal security breach and when coupled with a regular on-site shredding service you will have a clear chain of custody that will keep your information safe at all times.

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