Waste hierarchy legislation explained

The law requires any business that handles waste to comply with EU Waste Directive 2008/98/EC. The waste hierarchy sets out the priorities for handling waste according to its environmental impact.
Under the rules, prevention is the preferred option but given that documentation is a necessary function of business this is not possible. Government guidance acknowledges that re-use of documents is not possible as it would compromise confidentiality and data controllers would fall foul of data protection and privacy legislation. That means the preferred option for shredded paper is to be recycled into paper products.
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The obligations imposed by the waste hierarchy should form part of the regulatory compliance section in a secure document disposal policy.

As a registered waste carrier, Topwood will provide you with all the necessary waste transfer notes which state we comply with the waste hierarchy. We have a 100% recycling rate and our secure destruction process will keep you the right side of the law.

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Legislative Summary: Waste Hierarchy Legislation The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 (UK)

What the law covers:

What is the Waste Hierarchy?

Who must adhere to the regulations?

Any business that imports, produces, collects, transports, recovers or disposes of waste, or has control of waste as a dealer or broker.

How Waste Hierarchy applies to information management?

As well as complying with this legislation, businesses must also adhere to other important regulations during the appropriate course of confidential waste disposal- most notably, the Data Protection Act which protects personal data against unauthorised disclosure.

How to comply:

Offences/ penalties for non-compliance:

Charged with improving the environment and promoting sustainable development, the Environment Agency (EA) can implement the following for non-compliance:
The new powers given to the regulator in 2011 now permit the Environment Agency to also fine businesses up to £250,000 for serious offences.
Recommended inclusions for a secure document management/ disposal policy:

How Topwood can help:

Topwood is registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier, and will provide you with the necessary waste transfer notes.

Topwood provides solutions tailored to your needs that will:
Our secure destruction of paper and card products ensures that any personal data can no longer be accessed before it then enters the designated recycling stream.

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