Secure Patient Records Management

To ensure patient records are kept secure at all times, procedures must be in place to eliminate the possibility of them getting into the wrong hands, being lost or damaged. Read on to see 4 steps to a secure records management system.

4 Steps to Secure Patient Records Management

  1. Information Security: Topwood operates to Information Security Management System (ISMS), independently audited to comply with information security ISO 27001. Other standards incorporated include BS 4971, EN150131EN50133BS5839 and CPNI.
  2. Tracking and Traceability: when using Topwood secure storage facilities, every box, and file within each box, is allocated a barcode. Software tracks every movement and activity of the items giving complete traceability. Our vehicles are also fitted with satellite, GPRS tracking allowing files to be located at all times.
  3. Security Vetted Staff: all staff who come into contact with sensitive material are security vetted to BS7858 and always carry ID.
  4. Topwood Chain of Custody : Documents are scanned to the vehicle, scanned to a delivery point, electronically signed for by customer, e-receipt emailed to customer before leaving the site, certificate of destruction (where applicable) is emailed to customer for complete audit trail.

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