Document Scanning Solutions: Archiving and Digitisation

Increase your business productivity and reduce costs with Topwood digital archive scanning and storage solutions.

Secure & Flexible Document Scanning Solutions

Our secure document scanning services provide facilities for converting a large number of paper documents into accessible digital files. Our scanning process has been streamlined to ensure fast and accurate retrieval of your documents and the security of your data.

We provide a professional scanning solution, tailored to your organisation needs, improving the accessibility of all your documents. We can host your documents on our DocView cloud based platform or supply files through our secure FTP site for download.

Archive Scanning Services

Bulk document scanning is a convenient and efficient method to convert hard paper copies of archives into digital pdf format which is remotely accessible and searchable by index and key words.

Cloud-based Document Management

Large Format Scanning

Digital Mailroom Solutions

For most businesses, the quest to go environmentally friendly or paperless has often failed before it has got off the ground. The reason? That delivery of paper-based mail every morning.

Our Revolutionary Document Management Solution

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Why Choose Topwood Document Scanning Solutions

First-Class Scanning Services

All our scanning services conform to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and BS10008. These standards guarantee:

Or systems comply with all GDPR requirements and data security is constantly monitored and guaranteed.

Bespoke Scanning Solutions

We have streamlined the ultimate scanning process, that provides efficient, secure, and accurate scanning and document retrieval. Our electronic document management (EDM) closely replicates the manual processes that have already worked for several other businesses previously. Therefore, our secure document scanning solutions are designed to require the least amount of business change and upheaval.


Scanning Solutions to Match Your Business Needs

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With working from home becoming increasingly popular, the ability to access information from anywhere is now a must for most businesses.

Topwood is passionate about providing a low-cost solution that meets your business’ individual needs. Our secure scanning solutions allow you to access all documents remotely via cloud-based services. This supports modern working models and working from home.

Digitization removes many of the handling and reprographics costs of document management. Our document scanning and storage solutions will save you the hidden costs of time, photocopying, postage, stationery, and handling costs.

Digitizing your paper documents will save you valuable storage space. Your business will no longer require bulky filing cabinets or cupboards with a digital storage solution.

Simply search, retrieve and re-file your documents without leaving your chair. This gives you immediate access to your documents resulting in quick and efficient query management.

Our secure document storage greatly improves your data security. Since digital files are more secure, they cannot be deleted accidentally and have an audit trail of every touchpoint.

Digitising your documents allows paperless processes, no couriers or postage, smaller offices, less utility use and allows recycling of used paper. All of these things significantly reduce your impact on the environment.

Our Document Scanning Budget Calculator allows you to gauge your budget requirement. If you would like an accurate project cost breakdown our experienced team can provide you with a free quote.

Our Most Popular Scanning Services

  • Archive Scanning
    With our Archive Scanning Service, we can clear a backlog of files or digitize your files on a monthly basis.
  • Digital Mailroom Services
    Our Digital Mailroom Service allows you to go paperless and digitize incoming e-mails.
  • Legal Scanning Services
    Our legal scanning services provide specialist digitalisation of legal documentation.
  • Large Format Scanning
    Our large format scanning service allows you to scan A0-A2, perfect for scanning plans, maps or drawings.
  • Scan and Shred
    Topwood also provide a shredding service, after scanning and digitizing documents we can then shred the originals.
  • Patient Record Scanning
    Digitisation of medical records for the private medical sector and the NHS
  • Invoice Scanning
    Keep a digital store of historical invoices to clear space in your accounts department.
  • Bulk Scanning Service
    One-off clearances and high volume document scanning services.
  • GDPR Scanning Service
    Fully GDPR compliant scanning service allowing quicker response time to SARs Interested in our document scanning and storage solutions?
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Frequently Asked Questions

At Topwood, we have state of the art scanners that can convert your paper documents and files into electronic copies to either PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PDF searchable formats. We are also able to scan a variety of sizes of paper, from tiny receipts to A3. As an ISO 27001 accredited firm, Topwood are fully compliant with industry standards and encrypt all data with 128 bit encryption when returned to customers.

Converting paper-based documents to fully digital images may sound simple, however, to ensure that it is done right and to the highest of standards to ensure compliance, searchability and accuracy we ensure that we fully understand your requirements and prepare accordingly.

With our document scanning and storage solutions, our process ensures your files are always safe and secure

. During the collection of documents from you we ensure a full chain of custody is followed, this is continued throughout the process. Once we have collected your documents we will scan them into a format of your choice, complete rigorous Quality Assurance checks and then either shred and recycle your documents, or alternatively deliver them back to you.

To ensure compliance with all aspects of Data Privacy regulations, including GDPR, it is important for organisations to know exactly what information they have stored and where. Bulk scanning makes the process of finding documents easy and quick through our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) searchable feature and accurate indexing of documents. This helps organisations in preparing responses to Subject Access Requests in a timely manner.

Data Retention is also made easier through our software. We store your scanned documents in the Cloud, making them accessible to authorised personnel through 2-factor authentication at all times. Data retention schedules can be set, and automatic rules can be applied to ensure compliance.

No, you do not need to remove staples before scanning. As part of our secure document scanning service, we can do that for you. Before scanning commences, we will sort through all the files to ensure that things like staples and paper clips are removed. This allows the scanning process to be more accurate and therefore produces better scanning results. If you would like your original files returned, we can replace all the staples afterwards too.

We can remove all stationery from the files, including:

  • Staples
  • Bulldog clips
  • Spring file clips
  • Paper clips
  • Coiled wire bindings (found on notepads etc)
  • Plastic spiral bindings
  • Plastic envelopes

We can return your paper files to you after scanning- although many clients prefer documents to be destroyed or placed into deep storage which we can also provide. Read on to find out more.

Once we have scanned your documents using our confidential scanning service, you may choose to have your paper files returned to you. However, there are a more options available that you may wish to consider.

1. Deep Storage

Outsourcing your document storage to a professional offsite archiving company like Topwood may seem like a unnecessary luxury but there is serious commercial sense in doing so. Storing documents offsite releases premium space in your place of work to improve productivity and efficiency.

2. Secure & Recycling shredding

Documents and files are cross cut and then baled. The baled paper is sent to a local paper mill where it is pulped and recycled into useful paper products. Paper shredding and recycling could not be easier!

There are several options: We can give them to you on an encrypted CD, DVD or USB. Alternatively, you can use our cloud based system for instant access wherever you are. Read on to find out more.

Your scanned materials can be supplied in various formats such as CD, DVD or USB. It is common practice for Topwood to encrypt all data with 128 bit encryption.

Alternatively you may chose to use our cloud-based service which offers secure and instant access to scanned images. It works like a ‘Virtual Vault’ and is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

With GDPR now in force, it is more important for organisations to know exactly what information they have stored and where. Bulk scanning makes the process of finding documents easy and quick through our OCR searchable feature. This is important as the time to respond to Subject Access Requests quickly is a new requirement of GDPR. Data Retention is also made easier through the right software. We store your scanned documents in the Cloud, making them accessible 24/7. Data retention schedules can be set and automatic rules can be applied in order to stay compliant with GDPR.

Having had suitable time to review and approve all of your disks, you can choose to either have your paper documents returned to your premises or you can ask us to store them for you for another agreed amount of time. Alternatively, we can shred them and completely destroy them at our secure premises.

Once you have used our document scanning and storage solutions, there are several options:

  • we return the hard copies to you
  • the hard copies are shredded in our secure on-site, cross-cut shredder to reduce the risk of a data breach and ensure GDPR compliance
  • the hard copies are stored in our secure document storage facility
  • your electronic documents are returned to you via secure download, USB or available through our secure cloud-based portal for access at any time.

The most appropriate format depends on the document being scanned. For example, JPEG is good for colourful images whereas PDF is the best choice for text files and forms. We offer many different file formats, including PDF Searchable which allows you to search documents for words or phrases.

To help you decide which file format you would like us to scan your documents, here is a summary of each one we offer:

What is a PDF file?

Normal PDF: The most common type of PDF, used for storing Word/ text documents. It will show the full text on the page and produce a close copy of the original whilst still being a relatively small file.

Image only PDF: This is a PDF created from scanning in images. These files will not contain any searchable text but still be a true representation of the original, showing images in a PDF ‘wrapper’.

Searchable PDF: If you prefer to have your documents converted into a fully text searchable format, then we can offer OCR Processing. This can be particularly useful when trying to track down specific documents, which once processed will be searchable by both their text and data.

What is a JPEG (JPG) file?

JPG is the most commonly used image file format. Digital cameras and web pages normally use JPG files – because JPG compresses the data into a smaller file- ideal for document storage. However, during the compression process, some of the quality is lost so this may not be the best option if you want to store high-quality images.

What is a TIFF file?

A TIFF file is designed to store images and is considered to be the highest quality format for commercial work as the compression stage is ‘lossless’. That said, TIFF files are not always compatible with viewers and other software and a PDF format may have more options available, such as indexing.

At Topwood, we are set up to scan everything from the smallest receipt to the largest plans. Our scanners can handle large volumes of data, capturing 130 pages per minute. Read on to find out more.

Each of our state of the art scanners are equipped with the latest technology such as ultra-sonic, automated colour detection and double feed as well as image processing tools. Many different sizes can be scanned, from something as tiny as a till receipt, up to A3 size, as well as large format plans and drawing etc.

Choose from full colour or black and white finish.

If you have a scan format preference, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PDF Searchable, we will scan in this chosen format for you.

Yes, if the correct procedures are followed when creating images from the original documents & data.

Yes, if the correct guidance is followed, and that depends on the type of organisation:

  • HMRC Guidance: general business records which need to be retained for 6 years for VAT purposes
  • FSA Guidance: IFAs and investment companies record keeping
  • Law Society Guidance: Law firms

Whichever guidance on electronic document storage you use, there is an important British Standard called BS 10008 (preceded by BIP 0008) which specifies the correct processes and steps to ensure that when converting from paper to electronic records, you end up with legally admissible documents.

“BS 10008 is the British Standard that outlines best practice for the implementation and operation of electronic information management systems, including the storage and transfer of information. It is designed to help you verify and authenticate all your information to avoid the legal pitfalls of information storage” – BSI Group 2016

The Key principles behind BS 10008 are:

  • Authenticity – Being able to prove that the scanned, electronic documents are authentic copies of the original paper documents.
  • Storage and access – Procedures in place including scanning, archiving, off-site storage and training.
  • Adherence – A structured audit trail is created resulting in a Certificate of Conformity. This trail shows that the original papers have now been destroyed and therefore the scanned images are now deemed to be the originals.

It is essential to choose a supplier such as Topwood, whose process for conversion complies with BS 10008.

By adhering to BS 10008 standards we ensure that your scanned documents are legally admissible, and we take away much of the hassle that comes with being compliant.

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