One of the first steps towards a modern, fully digitised and paperless office is secure bulk scanning of existing files.

At Topwood, we have a thorough process in place to ensure efficient and accurate document scanning and offer a whole range of technical scanning and archiving specifications, with flexible payment options to suit your needs.

Our skilled document scanning team back-scans and archives tens of thousands of paper documents every day, saving them as electronic files and the process they follow ensures complete transparency in everything we do.

UK-wide, documents are collected by our security-vetted staff. File batches are then barcoded for traceability, and comprehensive quality control procedures are in place throughout the process in the scanning bureau.

High-speed scanners are pre-programmed for document imaging, based on the technical settings agreed. Whether your documents are single or double-sided, colour or mono, A4 or A3, every imaged page goes through our rigorous multi-stage quality checks to ensure clarity and legibility. The output files are also saved to an agreed format, such as .jpeg, .tiff, .png and, most commonly, fully searchable PDF/A.

As well as advanced autocorrection, every image goes through multiple manual inspection stages. Our Electronic Security of Information ESI:10008 certification means every high-quality image is legally admissible.

Finally, when our robust multi-factor quality checking process is complete, the scanned and indexed files can either be made available for download via secure FTP, saved to our secure cloud storage solution for instant access, or routed into your hosted server.

Topwood is also Information Security ISO:27001 accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus certified, so you can be assured that scanned files are stored safely and securely.

As the ideal complement to digitising files, our on-site shredding service can destroy the paper documents in accordance with EN:15713. Alternatively, if the documents are to be kept, they can either be returned to you or held in our secure document storage facility.

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We offer a whole range of options to suit your needs.


Our technical library was fully digitalised by Topwood and is now available 24/7 to our engineers who maintain our critical plant
Solvay, Wrexham
30,000 site plans that cover our entire UK retail estate of over 1,200 stores can be instantly searched for, and viewed
Iceland Foods, Deeside
All our legacy HR Records were professionally digitised by Topwood and the files integrated into our HR software
Epwin Group plc Telford
Our property files including large format plans are now imaged and releasing valuable office space
Aldo Stores (Bolton)
Topwood have done an amazing job imaging our client files as part of our drive towards the paperless office
Accountants Chester
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Day forward scanning

Day forward scanning is the imaging of newly generated paperwork as compared to the back scanning of files, which is the transfer of existing documents from paper to data.

For legal firms, legal document scanning has proved to significantly improve case management workflows by saving time with reduced handling. This, in turn, saves costs and removes waste. As such, electronic file management in legal practice is a key step towards developing a lean process as files are scanned and routed directly into client case management folders.

As business support functions such as HR, finance and quality assurance are consolidated within an organisation, the transfer and retention of records in electronic format can support this rationalisation.

For example, during the scanning process, software can be set to make corrections ensuring obsolete items can be auto-deleted from HR records using intelligent software making sure personnel files remain compliant with data protection legislation.

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Archive Scanning

During archive scanning our high-speed scanners convert large volumes of paper documents to electronic files.

Using clever OCR software, every word is fully indexed to make searching for words and text both quick and easy and intelligent software captures data, reference numbers and barcodes, as well as even word strings, that can be extracted to index documents. This metadata can be used to classify documents and can even be exported in XML data files for further analysis and processing.

Advanced auto-checking software, for example – page resizing and re-orientation, ensures most corrections are automated and is completed before the operator does a visual check of every image.

Finally, thorough inspection processes ensure the images are a true replica, which is essential for the legal admissibility of scanned images under ESI:10008 compliance.

We also operate a scanning bureau team that handles all types of documents, making Topwood an ideal choice of document security service partner.

For the conversion of technical drawings, survey maps and architectural plans up to size A0 can be captured using our large format scanners. As with A4 and A3 documents, they can be imaged in full colour or high-definition greyscale, and when the imaging process is complete, every document is fully indexed to make sure it has the correct titles and metadata. This indexing ensures it is fully searchable and instantly available for recall, ensuring smooth digitalisation of data.

A great example of the benefits of working with Topwood can be seen in the NHS digital transformation programme, which sees millions of patient records scanned and held in a digital framework. As standard practice, Topwood exceeds the data security standards required by the NHS.

Where data security impact assessments dictate sensitive documents must never be removed from premises, such as in the case of high-risk offender management, Topwood can undertake on-site scanning projects.

The equipment used in these cases is fully mobile and is easily unloaded using a tail lift at your site. Likewise, when the conversion is complete one of our mobile shredders can visit and shred any confidential waste on-site, ensuring complete compliance and a reliable service for your peace of mind.

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