The move to a paperless office involves the trade-offs of bulk scanning versus off-site storage.

Even with flexible payment options for bulk back scanning, the physical storage of files can still be financially preferable. Off-site storage with online inventory management enables you to remove files and boxes from your premises but retain complete control.

Our 2hr scan on-demand retrieval service means files can be stored physically but returned electronically. This hybrid storage provides the benefit of electronic filing but without any upfront scanning costs.

The safekeeping of archived files in physical storage is ideal if access levels are low or the files are inactive. In our state-of-the-art archive facilities, the team at Topwood ensures that archived boxes and files can be retrieved quickly and on-demand.

Looking to switch from your existing document storage supplier? We have flexible options for onboarding new customers, so contact us to discuss your options.

We offer far more than a simply rented lockup or self-storage container.

Outsourcing your archive storage gives you total paper freedom.

Our services liberate you from hidden costs and the worry of staff working off-site. We remove manual handling risks and the potential hazards associated with personnel lone working off-site.

Our off-site document storage releases your office space and property, so you can maximise your business activities.

In the wake of Covid-19, many organisations are reviewing and restructuring their property needs to reflect new working practices. Off-site storage – together with records management – such as scan on demand, digital mailroom and day-forward scanning, allows your staff to access information regardless of where or how they are working.

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We offer a whole range of options to suit your needs.

We make the transition to a paperless office hassle-free. Our expertise can re-engineer your records management policies and combine them with new ways to securely manage business information. And be assured, we regularly project manage transfers of all sizes and complexities. Our onboarding experience ranges across UK-wide collections and full inventory merging and integration.

Document management

Off-site document management is a value-added service to keep your files and documents safe and available on demand.

Unlike self-storage or rented units, your staff do not need to leave the office to retrieve documents saving you time, money and risk. As well as our 2hr scan on-demand guarantee, we provide scheduled deliveries and next-day, same-day and express deliveries (4 hours).

Our fully inclusive service can include collection, cataloguing/indexing and retrieval services, as well as secure destruction. To keep your inventory in tip-top condition, records management policies, reporting, and cost centre coding ensure the correct departments are responsible for their sensitive information. The classifying of documents also maintains retention scheduling and budgeting.

Barcoded inventory tracking

Off-site at Topwood does not mean out of sight!

With barcoded inventory tracking, every box or file activity is recorded using mobile technology.

Our customers have online access to search for and interrogate their inventory. This real-time tracking shows the exact location of every item. With a secure login, users can view and track every movement for complete audit trail traceability.


We first transferred our dead file deep storage from rented self storage premises to Topwood. Then when we consolidated our offices to the business park post COVID they took over our live file management – I have to admit…with their barcoded file tracking we now have better control of files than when they were kept in back office storerooms!

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Vaulted storage

For sensitive items such as product samples, printed matter and prototypes, Topwood’s controlled and secure storage maintains items in pristine condition.

For business critical and hyper-sensitive items, such as electronic/magnetic media, deeds, legal documents, wills and artwork, Topwood has secure, fireproof, vaulted storage. The Durasteel vaults are humidity controlled, fully alarmed and CCTV monitored with access restricted using swipe cards and biometric controls.

The vaults have added protection of fire protection using an inert gas system.

Tape life cycles and rotation

Critical backup media, including tapes, CDs, USBs and hard drives are stored and managed in our secure vaults. Using inventory management software and barcoded tracking, our CISSP-certified technology works with IT departments to manage tape life cycles and rotation schedules (GFS, Tower of Hanoi).

Media on short rotation cycles are also stored in Phoenix commander safes. IT managers can track the exact location and every movement of their media.

Using our fleet of GPS-tracked vehicles and security-vetted staff (all certified to BS 7858 and where required DV cleared for MOD/MoJ contracts), Topwood provides a door-to-door collection and rotation of media. Tapes are picked from their vaulted locations and delivered to your business in locked and sealed turtle cases.

When media can no longer be over-written or obsolete, we have end-of-life destruction services to ensure complete compliance.


To make the transition to the Topwood team even easier, we supply boxes (with lids) in a range of sizes to keep your files safely off-site that contain and track your sensitive files and tapes,

Our strong twin wall boxes will keep your items safe. We invest in quality; whilst other supplier boxes may initially be cheaper, they do not provide the security and value required.

Every box failure puts your information at risk and can be a H&S risk.

We also stock triangular ’boxes’ for the protection of drawings and large format plans.

We supply barcodes free of charge as their use is central to the system.

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