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We have a capacity to store over 5 million items including archive boxes, medical records, financial files and electronic media for customers in the key locations of Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Wrexham and other parts of the North West and North Wales.

Archive Storage Solutions from Topwood

We have a capacity to store over 5 million items including archive boxes, medical records, financial files and electronic media for customers in the key locations of Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Wrexham and other parts of the North West and North Wales.

Industry leading software gives our customers full visibility of their stored items, instant access to enable returns and also the ability to manage retention scheduling and destruction at end of life. Our aim is to work with our clients to ensure they only store what they need to for as long as they need to.

Why using our intelligent storage adds value to your business

Topwood’s intelligent storage solution allows clients to request a file or a box and have it returned to them electronically within ONE HOUR. If physical return is required then this will be facilitated using our own drivers, usually within 48 hours.

The move away from traditional bulk archive storage to a new hybrid storage model gives our customers the immediacy of having their documents scanned whilst enjoying the diminishing cost of box storage on a managed retention schedule.

Our expertise becomes your benefit

Using a specialist records management company will improve the productivity of your teams and provide a source of competitive advantage over your competitors.

Maximise value to your customers

Outsourcing unlocks your staff so they focus 100% on your clients’ needs. This maximises revenues for your business. Engaging a records management specialist with the right expertise and systems will ensure your staff always have the information they need, hassle free.

Improve profitability

Taking costs out of your business is the key to competitive advantage. By working with a records management company you can streamline costs by effectively controlling and automating what you store and for how long.

Protection against data breaches

Outsourcing to a records management expert will help ensure information is kept secure at all times. Research shows 85% of data breaches occur internally and are normally quite accidental.

Secure Document Storage

Secure Data Storage

Secure Business Storage

Scan on Demand

Topwood’s intelligent storage solution allows clients to request files for return using an on-line self-service portal. If the physical file is not required we offer a Scan-on-Demand service which returns a fully indexed PDF file to the client within one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you need to retrieve documents simply contact us, or order online and we will pick them from storage. Files are then scheduled for delivery to your office on an urgent, same-day or next-day basis. If you choose our scan on demand service, documents are selected, scanned and available for download within 30 minutes of a request. Read on to find out more.

You can call 01948 770152, email, or use our online ordering system (contact us for more details).

We will create a delivery work order and return your files within the time frame agreed in the service contact and according to our secure chain of custody.

For electronic retrievals a scan work order will be created, the files are picked from storage and you will receive an email with a secure download link.

When you are finished with the file(s), simply call, email or use our online system to arrange a pick up. A collection work order will be created and the collection day/time confirmed to you.

At every stage, the files are scanned and tracked to record their location. From the shelf, to your vehicle, then to your office and back – at every stage we know where the file(s) are.

Watch our video guide on ordering files from storage:

When you first set up your off-site storage, you will need to record what files are in each box. Read on to find out more.

Each one of your archive boxes will fit between 5 and 15 files. To enable you to recall and track your files, you will need to record which files go into each box.

Our barcode system allows us to relate files to each individual box using our document storage software. However, before we can enter your boxes into our system, you will need to set up your own simple database from which we can identify each box from.

The database simply needs three columns:

  • Box Barcode Number
  • Key Identifier, such as name, file reference, etc. Add more columns for more information.
  • Destroy Date. If you do not want to destroy the file, enter “DND” into this column.

Read now: Guide to Retention Schedules

We will use this database to enter your boxes into our database, and then we will assign them to locations in our secure storage facility.

See our video below for more information:

Filing systems can get quite complicated, especially when there are multiple levels. We can store files down to file level to make searching and management easier. Read on to find out more.

As an established business, you will have document management and filing systems already in place. At Topwood, we will store your documents in “Levels”. This enables us to manage your documents efficiently.

Physical storage is usually in boxes. For example, we barcode each box and then reference each file that is in that box. You can quote the barcode on the box and we will locate the file you need within that box.

When we store at File Level, each file has a barcode, which is then stored within a box. This means that each file has an individual identity which can be logged and tracked at each location. Any key information that you use as a reference for that file will be logged as well, such as name or your file reference.

It is important to be able to track individual files to ensure the chain of custody is secure.

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