Secure Business Storage

Secure Business Stock Storage

Many businesses that realise the benefits of our secure storage and retrieval services for documents and data also ask if we can store other such business stock such as artwork, sample packaging, sales information, competitor products, samples, product prototypes, pre-launch products and promotional printed matter.

Unlike a self-storage lock-up, access control to our premises is highly restricted. As with all of our stored items, the stock items are kept within a system that complies to the most stringent of ISO accreditation.

Customers can be completely secure in the fact that there is no danger of a unit being let for the storage of items that may harm your own valuable assets. This is not the case in ‘self-store’ alternatives which is often the only other option.

Solutions to suit you

Topwood can provide a long term solution for any business who are reducing the size of their office or warehouse. We can also offer short-term solutions to cover refurbishment or peaks in demand.

This kind of storage is often very bespoke and each project we undertake is fully discussed, detailed and quoted to ensure the smoothest running as well as the most competitive cost. Please do contact us if you need any further help or advice.

The processes we employ as a provider of Secure off-site storage are tested and monitored to ensure compliance with ISO27000 and BS10008

Benefits of Our Off-Site Storage

  • Save Space
    Reduce your business space or make better use of the space you have.
  • Ease
    Avoid unnecessary manual handling and associated hazards.
  • Just in Time
    We can receive stock in bulk – pick and deliver to production on JIT basis (just in time) saving you handling and space.
  • Short Term
    You might just be moving or re-organising and don’t want long term rental contracts.
  • De-Clutter
    De-clutter enabling you make better use of important office space.
  • Save Time
    Save on admin if you are short of time or staff – deliveries won’t get sent back because of unmanned offices.
  • Security
    If it’s confidential material – an offsite storage facility can provide increased security levels.
  • Flexibility
    Cope better with fluctuations in seasonal stock volumes.

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