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Secure Document Storage Services

Topwood has been providing secure archive storage to many public sector organisations, blue chip companies and SMEs since 2004. Our purpose-built confidential file storage ensures the safe protection of documents and data. Our success is based on using the best IT tracking systems, fully trained staff and our commitment to customer service.

Topwood Archive Data Storage Solutions

Businesses and organisations, regardless of their size or sector, are legally required to keep certain records. These records could be contracts, correspondence, orders, reports or accounts, even very small companies will need to keep records, whether it is for an audit, tax, accounts, pensions or even for health and safety compliance.

Our business paperwork storage service can be tailored to suit the needs of companies of all size, whether you need a ‘deep store’ over a long period of time or a more accessible solution to allow document retrieval when the need arises.

Our Archive Storage: Controlled by us and accessible by you

Our industry leading confidential file storage software allows our clients to access online their catalogue of storage supplies. They can manage their own items, request retrieval or scan on demand, as well as setting destruction schedules.

Every box or, in a lot of cases, file are booked in by Topwood online storage facility and given a barcode. This barcode enables us to find any item in our records management storage in literally minutes. If you want an item back today we can usually retrieve it from our online storage facility, or if you want a scanned copy then have it in an hour.

Not just paperwork storage but intelligent record management storage

Combining our document storage and document scanning services, we are able to get information back to clients within one hour. Gone are the days of huge retrieval and courier costs, we now deal in pence per page which is both cost-effective and environmentally sound.

How does your Document Storage Solution compare to Topwood’s ?

Key Feature Compared against the alternativeOffice Storage Storing Files in your officeSelf Storage Off-Site Storage RentalTopwood Ltd Professional Storage Company
Are you making the best use of space?
This space could be used for core business activitySelf storage units usually based in premium rental locationsProfessional staff trained in optimising storage space & IT systems
Keeping your information safe is vital for data security and your reputation
90% of fraud is committed internally, this will always be a major security riskYou do not always know what else is being stored close by i.e. fire hazardsNo public access, access is controlled using pre-agreed access matrix
Confidential Information
Easy to access but no one owns the process – everyone does a bitStaff have to go off-site to access documents – lowers productivitySoftware and file tracking systems ensure that every file can be located easily
Ease of Access Very easy to misfile items & with no systematic processes in place, can be easy to lose important files/ documentsImpractical & expensive as staff must go off-site to get files, sometimes several journeys a day are requiredSecure online access allows users to search & manage documents from their own desk, urgent files can be delivered next day
Overall Cost Rent, rates, electricity, staff costs, bad use of valuable office spaceStaff travel, motor insurance, travel expenses such as fuelFor just over 1p per box per day we can provide an all inclusive service
Self Welfare Handling files can be hazardous and requires Manual Handling TrainingNo such feature available at self storage locations without implementing your own systemUsing experts like Topwood you can make the change towards total Electronic Document Management
Moving Towards EDM Electronic filing is a desire for most firmsBest practice & new techniques are thwarted by the attitude of ‘that is how is has always been done’ and ‘won’t change’No such feature available at self storage locations without implementing your own systemUsing experts like Topwood you can make the change towards total Electronic Document Management

Indexing and Cataloguing

Accurate cataloguing and indexing of records is essential when they are archived. This is so they can be picked and delivered to your desk when they are recalled. Archiving and indexing files & documents can be a time consuming process which can pull people away from tasks that are more profitable for your company. 

Information is power… but only if is efficiently managed. Inaccurate indexing, poor coding, lax database maintenance and personnel changes are the source of errors, allowing files and documents to be mislaid or lost.

Working with customers we design databases so key fields are captured and structured to suit your users’ needs. The database is backed up and maintained ensuring items can be instantly tracked and located. Using our secure online portal, users with the relevant access rights can add, search for, edit, recall and destroy items.

This ensures documents’ life-cycles are managed to comply with relevant legislation and industry standards. For bulk collections we can import your data directly into our database to save re-keying.

Depending upon your requirements, we can either fully record or comprehensively audit the contents of boxes and files in storage or provide a full inventory of items following a managed relocation from your incumbent supplier.

We have developed a comprehensive document cataloguing service that saves you both time and money. Allowing our experienced staff to catalogue means we can improve the integrity and reliability of the data associated with your documents, boxes and files.

If your files already have file reference numbers, we will use your numbers and codes as the primary reference. This means that everything will remain familiar when searching for and requesting files.

Our trained team are capable of processing thousands of files and documents per day either at your own premises or within our secure document storage facility. All of our team have undergone the necessary security clearance checks to enable them to undertake this work.

Document Collections and Retrievals

Topwood has its own fleet of GPS tracked vehicles and our drivers are fully trained and security vetted. We can collect and deliver with the minimum of fuss and our speedy and friendly approach is what makes us shine amongst the competition.

At the point of collection all boxes and files are barcoded and scanned to our system using PDAs. From this point every item is tracked whilst in our secure custody. These scanning devices are also used to officially record the collection time and date and provide proof items have transferred to us.

Just because documents are stored “off-site” does not mean that you cannot access them. Many clients admit that access to information is actually improved when Topwood’s services are used.

Online Document Archiving Services

Topwood’s archiving software offers an online portal allowing our customers immediate access to their documents.

Our system enables you to login to our system and see for yourself which of your boxes, files and documents are currently stored in our facility and also allows you to request Retrievals, Arrange Collections, Order Archiving Supplies, or check the status of outstanding requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing your document storage to a professional offsite archiving company like Topwood may seem like a unnecessary luxury but there is serious commercial sense in doing so. Storing documents offsite releases premium space to improve productivity and efficiency. Read on to find out more.

It is common to see files and documents kept in filing cabinets and store rooms around the workplace. However, when one or two filing cabinets occupy entire rooms and other back office space, you should ask, “Is this the best use of our workplace?”.

Office floor space demands premium rates. Every square foot used for filing cabinets is a lost opportunity to use that space for revenue-generating activity.

Storing documents offsite releases premium space to improve productivity and efficiency.

Once you consider the financial cost of storing files in the office, it is easy to see why offsite archive storage makes serious commercial sense.

That is a yearly saving of £94.80. This does not include the extra revenue generated by an extra desk in that same 6 foot space, with one more sales employee bringing in more business.

Storing documents with a professional secure offsite archive company may seem complicated, especially if you have a large archive at your offices, however, with Topwood Ltd, we make it simple and easy to achieve.

Read more about our Secure Offsite Document Storage Service

Benefits of outsourcing document storage to a professional archive company:

  1. Free-up valuable floor space at your offices for revenue-earning activity
  2. Release your staff to focus on your customers and add more value to your business
  3. Purpose built storage units ensure documents are kept completely safe
  4. File tracking software we use allows for instant location and retrieval of files and ensures they are secure, away from prying eyes
  5. Outsourcing the manual handling of files removes the hidden costs of slips and trips with your own staff
  6. A professional archive company, like Topwood, will be able to help make the move towards electronic document storage

Ever wondered how we store documents at Topwood? We can store them in boxes, files, as single documents, or lever arch files. Read on to find out more.

Documents and paperwork can be stored at Topwood by:

  • Box
  • File
  • Document
  • Lever Arch File

Every item is instantly locatable with our sophisticated barcoding system.

As an established business, you will have document management and filing systems already in place. At Topwood, we will store your documents in “Levels”. This enables us to manage your documents efficiently.

Physical storage is usually in boxes. For example, we barcode each box and then reference each file that is in that box. You can quote the barcode on the box and we will locate the file you need within that box.

When we store at File Level, each file has a barcode, which is then stored within a box. This means that each file has an individual identity which can be logged and tracked at each location. Any key information that you use as a reference for that file will be logged as well, such as name or your file reference.

It is important to be able to track individual files to ensure the chain of custody is secure.

We have high security storage units with security coded doors and shutters covered by monitored CCTV.

Lean process is identifying what the consumer values and how that value can be delivered in the most efficient manner. Leading companies in the UK have streamlined by removing costs from ‘back office operations’. Records management, if delivered efficiently, can add value to a business. Read on to find out more.

Lean management seeks to eliminate any waste of time, effort or money by identifying each step in a business process and then revising, or cutting out, steps that do not create value.

The philosophy has its roots in manufacturing but is increasingly being adopted within other sectors.

Technology and the growth of the outsourcing provides huge opportunities for companies to improve their records management to save staff time and release valuable space.

For example:

  • HR department for a global automotive giant stores personnel paper records in 250 archive boxes using 10 pallet locations inside their warehouse.
  • The use of these pallet locations costs the firm £12,000 alone.
  • By scanning the records, the firm saved over £9,000 a year as well as improving access to records and their security.
  • The warehouse space is released for building cars more efficiently and the global HR staff have instant access to HR records.

Topwood’s dedicated document storage services can help you store and manage hard copies of your files as well as electronic data. The process is simple and allows you to get a full inventory and traceability of your files and documents. Request a file online and have it in at your offices within 24 hours. Read on to find out more about our document storage process.

security vetted member of Topwood staff comes to your premises in our secure GPS tracked vans to collect your files and boxes.Each box gets its own barcode sticker, which Topwood will log onto our online system. Each file within the box also gets an individual barcode making retrieval easier if needed. Destroy dates are added to each box to provide a full retention schedule against your inventory.Boxes, files or lever arch files are scanned against a location barcode in Topwood’s dedicated documents storage. This allows you to view where your files are and whether they are ‘In’ at Topwood or ‘Out’ with yourselves or ‘Out for delivery’.If you need a file or a box, simply call us, email us, chat online or use out online ordering system. You can request a file to be delivered, scanned and sent via email, or requested to be destroyed. Topwood can deliver an ‘Urgent file’ which would be delivered to you within 24hrs.Topwood can deliver your file or box within 24hrs or if you only need a pdf copy of the file we offer a Scan on Demand service whereby you can request a file to be electronically scanned to PDF format and sent via email or uploaded to our online portal “Top Drawer” within 30 minutes.If Topwood have delivered your files and you are finished with them for now, just call, email, chat online or request online for your files or boxes to be picked up and put back into Topwood’s dedicated document storage.

We can supply you with archive boxes that are strong and easy to assemble.

We can assist you in managing the rentention schedules on the files we have stored, and shred the files that have expired.

You can also request documents and files back from us, and we will deliver the next working day.

Outsourcing your documents may seem like an unnessary expense however in reality it can not only offer space saving within your office but also offer cost savings to find out more here

What are the benefits of using barcodes?

A barcode number ensures that every box, file or document (item) has a unique reference. The barcode itself means that software used by the best records management companies tracks every movement and each activity of the items. This provides the customer with complete traceability. Barcodes do not replace other file references such as client name, address, matter etc., but adds another reference to the item for ease of traceability.

Barcode labels are printed from software that adds a check digit to minimise human keying errors on data entry.

Once items are assigned a barcode they become unique and their handling and control becomes completely automated.

When we select and deliver items the barcodes are scanned. Once signed for, the software will email an e-receipt to your inbox.

Customers can continue to use their own familiar references for items. The references are simply meta data that is tagged to the bar code. In time, many customers cease to use their own file and box numbering systems once they see the benefits of barcodes.

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