Should you use self-storage for your data records?

We outline whether or not self-storage is right for your business in our recent blog…

So – you think you’ve got a lot of office space. Your files are neatly boxed away in a corner of the office you wouldn’t even use if you wanted to. Never mind that nobody has looked at, or used, those files since Christmas. This is the most practical, economical solution to an issue that’s not even something you really think about. Anything else would be a bother, and a waste of time. Right?

Well, not really. But, fortunately, Topwood can organise, protect, and store your office files, from the everyday, to those of highest importance. Here are 4 reasons why buying self-storage space for data records at Topwood is not only office-friendly, but wallet-friendly, and more.

1. Cost

You pay an extortionate price for the use of your office building – won’t spending even more money on space put you out of pocket sooner or later? But take over-all cost into account; the impact that a huge loss of potential office space will have on your business. A larger meeting room, extra desk space, that vending machine everyone keeps asking for – they can all be accommodated for with more office space that isn’t taken up by unnecessary storage.

For less than 1p a day, Topwood provides an all-inclusive service for data storage, overseen by professional staff trained in optimising storage space, IT systems and data security. In the long run, you end up with space optimisation – and spare change for a Twix from that brand new vending machine.

2. Security

A massive 90% of data security breaches occur internally, and there is overwhelming evidence and opinion amongst data experts that inside workers – whether maliciously or accidentally – will be the most likely culprit for data breaches. This gives you even more of a reason for storing your most sensitive data with a professional storage company, with no public access, with the granted access controlled using pre-agreed access matrix.

3. Accessibility

It’s so easy to misplace and mismanage files in an office environment, especially when the responsibility is of many different people, rushed off their feet in the Friday frenzy to be rid of all responsibility before the weekend. Sure, the files might be easy to access, but with no systematic processes in place, they’re also easier to lose. With Topwood, our sophisticated software and file tracking systems ensure that every file can be easily located whenever you need. Our secure online access allows users to search and manage documents from their own desk, with urgent files available for next-day delivery. Bonus!

4. EDM

Electronic Document Management is something that most businesses have made the move towards in recent years, with technology’s firm grip taking hold of the way we’re now creating, viewing, and organising documents. However, tradition, and the way that ‘things have always been done’ often holds business owners back from moving forwards with the switch.

Topwood’s expertise in data storage makes the complete change from physical to digital storage a much smoother process; check out these testimonials from clients who find Topwood’s service to be imperative to their business.

If your business operates within the North-West, Midlands and North Wales regions, be sure to contact Topwood for a quote for data storage today on 0800 781 1066.