Superfast Internet comes to Topwood and Threapwood

Superfast Fibre Broadband is great news: why?

Topwood is based in a small town call Threapwood in Malpas, Cheshire. We are now able to get Fibre-optic broadband at the office and on our servers. But why is this good for you?


  • Improved access speeds for customers to archive on-line
  • Instant downloading of files stored on our secure servers
  • Even quicker production of certificates of destruction
  • Improved access for clients for live CCTV login

All of your online services will now be faster and more reliable. We look forward to a new era of internet and the same trusted customer service!

Superfast broadband will be the glue to bond separate elements of our business together.

See our timeline to find out more about how we have developed…but in summary:

12 years ago (pre broadband) we setup as a box and file document storage business. The recalls were dealt with by physical deliveries in a van. Then we started offering scan-on-demand. If a customer wanted a stored paper file we could scan it and they download (ok for small volumes) In 2014 we started offering bulk scanning – for example scanning thousands of patient records to a hard drive. But the hard drive had to be physically transferred to the customer for their IT department to upload to their server/intranet. With fibre we can take out the physical transfer in 3. NOW we will be able to securely host/store them on-line so customers with multiple sites can instantly log-in and access their records/files. Our first customer for this on-line hosting is a global FMCG manufacturer on the Wrexham Ind Est and hopefully a banking business in Chester (but we are not permitted to involve them in any publicity (at this stage)).

Connecting Cheshire will allow us to compete with the national firms regardless of our location and employ more local people as a result.