The Benefits of Shredding

We take look at why shredding documents is so important within this blog…

As the end of the academic year fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about that all important office clear out. Over the course of the year, it is likely that there has been an ever-growing pile of documents in the depths of the cupboards, the spare corners of the room and even on the desktop. Not only is a collection of paper a potential hazard, it’s inefficient. It’s likely that these pile-ups are a mixture of documents, some of which need keeping, and the others binning, and while the sorting process may seem like an overwhelming task, it is best to tackle it now so that important or sensitive documents are not left in the building for six weeks.

Keeping obsolete paperwork could be detrimental to your business. Although the temptation may be to collect everything together and store in the offices, some of these documents may contain sensitive information and according to the Data Protection Act (1998), information can only be retained as long as necessary. Anything over that could incur a £500,000 fine. A cost damaging to any company, as well as the risk of reputation.

Through sourcing a paper shredding company, offices can rest assured that the documentation can be securely disposed of. We can guarantee a service that will leave you and your co-workers stress free from issues such as confidentiality breaches and fraud through preventing the documents from ending up in the wrong hands. Our confidential document shredding service willimpact your business positively. Topwood achieves this by offering an on-site shredding service, so that businesses know exactly where and how the data is being disposed of. All too recently there has been an increase in reports on fly tipping; a recent Defra report for 2015/16 found there were 4,719 reports of waste being dumped illegally across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, costing councils £243,926 to clear.

Organised criminal gangs who offer to dispose of rubbish at knockdown prices are believed to be behind ‘industrial scale’ dumping and in February, truckloads of trade waste were dumped in Staffordshire, which allegedly included shredded paperwork from councils and the NHS in Cheshire. This is completely preventable though; by using an external source that allows customers to see their data being destroyed. It is not a hindrance; we come to you, travelling in our mobile shred truck, using cross-cut technology that shreds data two directions for higher security.

And of course, to avoid the dreaded office clear out at the end of every academic year, we can organise to visit regularly, avoiding a document build up and an annual clear out! We can also supply a range of consoles, wheelie bins and sacks that will keep your material safe until our next scheduled visit.

Every business can benefit from industrial shredding, but if you need further information, then give us a call; we can talk you through the shredding options we offer and see what plan would work best for your business.